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  • The Writing Fix Web Site: This is a good starting point for teachers who are looking for ideas on teaching writing with the 6-Trait Model. Ideas presented at this site will help teachers generate ideas on lessons, picture books to use, and writing activities to accompany the picture books.

  • Picture Book Ideas for Teaching the Idea Trait: Scholastic Books Know "up front" that the books that are suggested are "Scholastic" books--however many school libraries and classrooms have these books available. This site gives examples of picture books that can be used to encourage 6-Trait writing.

  • Reading as a "springboard" to writing: Starfall Web SiteOn-line books that can be read (audio available) along with student interaction make this a great site for beginning readers. The activities promote reading and writing at the K-2 level.

  • Peter Reynolds Author Web Site: (click on the "Ideas & Tips" link to find out more about writing)
  • Peter Reynolds North Star Web Site: (a site full of ideas for writing!):

  • Book Publishing Site - Lots of examples!!! Tikatok

  • ESU#3 Vocab Site: This might be a stretch for primary grades, but I wanted to include this site so that you can share it with others in your buildings. The site will continue to evolve as the year progresses. Enjoy!

pencil.gifTeaching Organization:

  • Scrambled Poetry:An interactive web site where students can "put a poem" back together. This activity helps with organization.
  • Magnetic Letter Game:This interactive web site allows students to form new words by dragging word beginnings and endings together.
  • Wall Wisher:Although it has been a bit "buggy lately" due to so many users, this web site is like an electronic "sticky note" board where students (and teachers!) can put ideas or story parts and organize them, put stories back together, etc. The best part--it is FREE, no registration required, etc.


Technology Ideas for Teaching Conventions:

Spelling City Web Site: Teachers can register for a free account and insert words that students use to play games, listen to the correct punctuation, practice spelling, etc. Even if spelling isn't something that your district has a focus on, this site has other ways that students can 'play' with words.

Punctuation Paintball: One of Marzano's strategies if using games as a way to engage and interest students in their learning. This site is a "fun" way for students to work on conventions.

Samples ~ Templates ~ Writing Ideasideabulb.gif
  • Use PowerPoint to create a simple book--each slide is a page making printing and assembly easy. Pictures are easily added, text is easily added and edited. Here is a sample template and a book that is filled in. external image pdf.png I use to be_sample.pdf
  • Scrabble Tiles: Use this MS Word template in printed form or better yet, in electronic format at one of your writing centers to create a writing challenge for your student journaling. external image msword.png scrabble squares.doc

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